Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Today I am going to be talking about a very popular and stunning palette from Too Faced.

Too Faced aren’t a company I have had much experience with in the past, but since the craze about the Chocolate Bar and the Sweet Peach palette, I decided to jump on the band wagon a couple of months ago and try the chocolate Bar palette out and I haven’t regretted it.

I purchased the palette on the Debenhams website and it was £39. I am an impulse buyer so after purchasing the palette I was questioning whether I had made a mistake. I did think that that is quite a hefty price especially if you are like me, living at home with your parents and have a part time job that barely covers your monthly costs. However, if you do have the money and you would like a new palette this is definitely one to think about!

Chocolate bar open.jpg

Before I talk about the shades that this palette has to offer,  I think we should talk about the scent and the look and feel of the packaging. The scent is divine. All 16 shades are all made with antioxidant rich cocoa powder which makes them smell heavenly. As you use the palette more and more, the scent becomes more and more intense. The packaging is pretty sturdy and its metal casing is in the shape of a chocolate bar which I think is a nice touch.The palette closes magnetically which I like personally.

There are obviously colours that I like more than others, so I thought I would go through my top favourites and explain to you the ones that I love.



Firstly, and one of the bigger colours in the palette is the shade “White Chocolate“. If you have a similar skin tone tome this will be a beautiful colour to set your concealer on your eye lid to create a smooth and even colour base before adding any of the beautiful shades. It’s smooth and pigmented and makes sure that my eye shadow stays put, doesn’t crease and removes the look of veins on the eye lid.

white chocolate.jpg

The next couple of shades have similar purposes but do the job so well. These shades are “Salted Caramel” ,”Semi Sweet” and “Milk Chocolate“. All of these wonderful colours are amazing to use as crease colours. If you have hooded eyes like me, these shades are good at making your eyes look more open and gives the illusion that you have more lid than you actually do. This can be achieved by placing these brown shades just above your natural eye crease. These colours all blend really beautifully and therefore are perfect for days when you just want your eyes to look more awake but still natural, or can be used before starting with the colour scheme you are going for in your eye look.


Another good crease colour but a little more adventurous is the shade “Cherry Cordial“. This colour is a plummy shade and is beautiful if you are going for a more daring look. This colour really compliments the shade ” Creme Brulee” in the palette. The shade also goes really well with “Amaretto” as well and could turn into a purple smokey eye depending on how daring you are.

another inside chocolate.jpg

The shade “Champagne Truffle” I like to use as a highlighter. I did my research and turns out I am not the only one that is loving the larger eye shadow shade as a highlighter. It is very shimmery and has that creamy consistency which most people desire in a highlighter. It doesn’t accentuate your imperfections like a lot of actual highlighters do, however it definitely isn’t a subtle glow and is more for people like me which love to swim in glowiness.


My favourite colour in the palette has to be “Marzipan“. This shades is so amazing because it works perfectly on its own if you don’t have time and you still want some sparkle, but also compliments so many other colours in the palette like the large selection of brown shades.


Overall the shades the palette are very soft and highly pigmented as you will see in the swatches. There is a really nice selection of both matte and shimmery shades, this is why this palette can suit so many people’s eye shadow needs. For me it is totally worth the price with so many diverse shades you could have lots of fun with this product.

I hope that you enjoyed this review and that you follow my blog for more content like this.

Yours truly,

EH Beauty






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