Review: Zoeva Nude Spectrum Eye Shadow Palette

Hey guys!

Today I going to let you guys know my opinion on the Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette. Now I haven’t ever tried anything Zoeva, so when I found that Beauty Bay sold Zoeva products, I straight away wanted to try everything. Something that I enjoy purchasing the most are eye shadow palettes. I was interested to try Zoeva eye shadows as I haven’t ever really heard of anyone trying them on blogs and on YouTube.

I looked at the reviews on Beauty Bay before purchasing this palette and all of them were positive and the product had a 5 star rating, so clearly I am not the only one that LOVES this palette!



This palette contains:


  • ND010 – Metallic pale mocha.
  • ND020 – Powdery chocolate shimmer.
  • ND030 – Matte black.
  • ND040 – Golden copper with chocolate undertones.
  • ND050 – Chocolate truffle.
  • ND060 – Deep chocolate with a golden shimmer.
  • ND070 – Pale chocolate with muted rose pink undertones.
  • ND080 – Pale mocha shimmer.
  • ND090 – Rusty copper shimmer.
  • ND100 – Pale creamy nude shimmer.
  • ND110 – Peach tinted cream with beige undertones and a shimmer finish.
  • ND120 – Pale golden chocolate shimmer.
  • ND130 – Pale pink nude.
  • ND140 – Pale cream shimmer.
  • ND150 – Pale brown coffee


The fact the shades in this palette don’t have names is a bit of a downer in my opinion, however the eye shadows are amazing. There are a good selection of neutral shades and lots of shimmers to add a bit of fun to a look.

Another downfall for this palette is the fact that it does have a mirror, this does however make the palette lighter but I would personally prefer it to have one and be a bit heavier.

All the colours in this palette are very pigmented and super easy to blend. I love foiling these shadows as well with a bit of L’Oreal Infallible setting spray.

My favourite eye shadows in this palette are:


ND080- Golden copper with chocolate undertones.

This shade is beautiful and is a very yellow toned gold which is quite unusual. It is creamy and highly pigmented and works so well with a nude lip which is my personal favourite.

ND080 – Pale mocha shimmer.

This shade is nice and neutral but adds a bit of shimmer to a simple brown eye look. I like to use this colour with ND050 in the palette which is a beautiful chocolate shade.

ND090 – Rusty copper shimmer.

This shade is my favourite out of the palette. It is so rich in colour and the shades is so beautiful. Copper shades have become very popular lately and I really like these sorts of colours with my blue eyes so this is definitely a winner.


The price of this palette is one of its biggest selling points. At £28.50 and having as many colours as it does as well as being so light and compact to travel with, it is definitely worth the money.

Overall I think this is definitely a palette to consider if you like neutral, highly pigmented and well priced eye shadows.

Thank you for reading, let me know if you have tried this palette or any Zoeva eye shadows!

Yours Truly

EH Beauty XO



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  1. I really want to try some of zoeva eyeshadows, such pretty colours! Great post xx


    1. ebeautyxo says:

      I would definitely recommend, and thank you 😊 x

      Liked by 1 person

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