Bio Sculpture Gel review and Honeycomb Hair & Beauty Dunstable

Hey everyone

So I am now obsessed with getting my nails done! I have been getting Gels because they last so long and look amazing without the issue of chipping and peeling!


I have been having them done for a few months now and love the way they look and how long lasting they are. I normally have an accent colour and glitter on my ring finger as I just think its is more fun that way.

The colour I chose this time from the Bio Gel range is number 16 “Sunset Shimmer”. This is such a nice vibrant and I think it’s a great colour to start Spring with.

Bio Sculpture Gel is not the same to any Gel that you get at nail salons, it is a product that promotes the growth of natural nails. They are no chip, highly pigmented colours.


I then chose a silver glitter as a topper for the ring finger. The shade of this is 106 “Duchess”. This is a really highly glittery coat.


These are photos of my nails after I got them done. My nails grow so long with these Gels and they are so much stronger now than they used to be. I really recommend that you try out Gels especially this brand as they aren’t damaging and look amazing!

I have my Gels done at Honeycomb Unisex Hair & Beauty in Dunstable and they do an amazing job always.



I hope you enjoyed reading and that it maybe helped you to decide whether getting your nails done might be something you want to do in the future

Yours truly



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