Review: Nip + Fab Glycolic Instant Fix Mask

Hey guys

So I haven’t spoken about any masks on this blog yet and I found this one recently in Superdrug and wanted to let you know if its any good.

I haven’t even tried any Nip + Fab products before but the stock a lot of this brand in my Superdrug. I am not normally really into skin care products but I have recently been struggling with more spots than usual and decided to try something new out to see if I could make them go away.

This product contains Glycolic Acid and Amino acids. The Glycolic acid is supposed to help refine skin texture and smooth appearance of wrinkles, whereas the amino acid claims that it brightens and evens skin tone. This product also contains an “EVERMAT” product which is supposed to reduce shine and the appearance of pores.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Acid Instant Fix Mask, £6.45

How to apply:

*Cleanse your skin ensuring that it is nice and clean and dry.

*Apply a thin layer of the product all over the faces, avoiding the eye area.

*Leave on the skin for 10 minutes to do its magic.

*Rinse off with warm water and a cloth.

 I apply this product about twice a week and then do my normal moisturising routine.

Once I used this product, I did notice a difference in my skin the next day. It was a bit clearer and did leave my skin looking smoother. I haven’t used it that many times yet but I am going to keep using it and see how it goes. Something I do like about this product is that it has a very light texture and almost feels more like a gel moisturiser rather than a mask.

Gel-like consistency

One negative about this product is it is quite potent as it does contain acids and other odd products, the smell reminds me of the rubber gloves at the dentist for some reason. I would not use this product if you have sensitive skin as the acids may irritate and possibly make things worse.

overall, I would recommend trying this product if you are struggling with textured skin and an uneven skin tone as I believe that it has helped me, just don’t expect miracles from it as it isn’t going to make your skin perfect over night.

I am going to do a skincare routine soon so look out for that!

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have tried this or if you can recommend any good products to even texture and skin tone.

Yours Truly


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