❤ Review: MUA Rusted Wonders Eye Palette ❤

Hey guys!

Today I am going to be talking about a new product that I have recently found in Superdrug. This is a 6 shade palette from MUA. Their website claims that this palette has soft and silky pearl eye shadows compiles to complement each other for multi-tonal finishes or for sole wear. They also claim to be highly pigmented and easy to blend.

MUA Rusted Wonders Palette, £3,50

After using this palette twice now, I am impressed with it considering it’s £3.50 price tag. The colours are fairly pigmented and work even better with some Mac Fix Plus. However, I do have some criticisms as I am quite harsh when it comes to reviewing eye shadows. These are all shades that I would use, so that I really like as quite a lot of the time I find myself not using all the colours in a palette. Another good thing about these is they are pretty creamy, this is something I always look for in a eye shadow.  I do have some things I really dont like. When I tried the bottom left colour the other night, it was quite tough to blend and to apply evenly and the colour pay off wasn’t great until I either used Mac Fix + or used my finger. I then used the middle right gold shade today and didn’t have as much of an issue, so I would say that maybe they are a bit hit and miss between colours.


When swatching the rest of the colours on my arm, I did find it harder to make the top to as pigmented as the rest of them.

I do however really like how compact and light this palette is which is great for when you just want to chuck an eye shadow palette in a makeup bag and not fill it with only one product!

When I swatched other palettes in this range, they were no where near as creamy and pigmented as these ones which was quite disappointing as I did like a couple of the others as well.

These are some of the other palettes in the collection.

Overall, considering the price of this product and the fact that three of them are really nice, I would definitely recommend trying this product out.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Yours Truly,


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  1. This looks so pigmented! love these shades! xx, Britta & Carli from http://twinspiration.co/


    1. ebeautyxo says:

      The pigment is pretty amazing for such a reasonably priced palette! XO


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