Whats in my bag?


Today I am going to show you what is in my bag that I carry around pretty much everyday. I will also let you know where the bag is from and link as much stuff as I can if you are interested in any of the items.

Navy Pimlico Grab Bag, £90.00


Firstly, I will tell you where the bag is from. This bag I bought in House of Fraser when they had a really good sale. The bag is Hobbs and it is beautiful. It is navy leather with navy suede sides structured bag with a really cool gold and silver clasp. I have tried looking for this bag so I could link it, however, they do not sell this model bag in Hobbs anymore. They do sell the smaller version. I found the actual bag on Alpha Fuel Saving which I have never heard of but it is the same discounted price that I paid for it.

Carex Strawberry Laces Hand Gel


Now onto the contents of my Handbag. The first thing is a hand sanitiser, which I think is an essential in everyone’s bag. The one I have is the Carex Strawberry Laces. It is quite hydrating and it smells really nice.

The next item is some Ibuprofen which is always essential in my handbag.

Rimmel Stay Matte, Transparent


The next item is the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 001 Transparent. This powder used to be my all time favourite before my Laura Mercier Translucent Powder came along, however it is good for touch ups throughout the day if I am feeling too oily so I have it in there just in case.

Lamora Kabuki Brush


As well as carrying a powder I also carry a brush. I carry a Lamora Kabuki Brush.

Cath Kidston umbrella


Another essential in my bag considering I live in England and the weather is always unpredictable is an umbrella. The one I have is from Cath Kidston and it is grey with light grey polka dots. I have had this umbrella for ages and it still hasn’t broken on me. Couldn’t find the grey one so I have linked the same one but in blue.

Happy Plugs Earphones


The next item is some ear phones. These ones are from Happy Plugs. I purchased these at an airport last year because I had forgotten my Apple ones. I like these ones but they are not my favourite, I prefer the ones you get with the Samsung as they are more comfortable.



One thing I noticed when emptying out my bag is that I have an unhealthy amount of Lipsticks on me. I found 12 lipsticks in different parts of my bag. I wont go through them all in too much detail as I did do a lipstick collection blog which you can read HERE.

Achica Coin Purse


The next item is my purse. I need a new purse badly so at the moment I am using just a pouch type purse and I keep cards and money all in the same place. The purse is from Achica. They dont sell it online anymore so I could add a link to this.



I think having a mirror is another essential in a handbag, the one I have I believe is from Card Factory but I have no idea.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream


This is an essential for me as I do struggle dry, cracked lips a lot of the time. This product is super hydrating and always does the job, however I really hate the taste and smell of the product.


The final thing in my bag is a toothbrush. I like to carry a toothbrush in case I stay at someones house last minute.

Ban.do 17 month Agenda


This last item I dont always have in my bag but I thought I would mention it because I really love it. I recently purchased a Diary/Agenda and this one is so cute and so well structured. I use it for jotting down notes, putting in important dates and keeping organised with my blogging. I bought this at John Lewis and the brand is Ban.do. I couldn’t find a link for this as they dont sell it on the John Lewis website.

So that is everything in my handbag, I hope you enjoyed reading as I love seeing what other people have in their handbags.

Yours Truly




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