▲ Hair care routine Spring 2017 ▼

Hey guys!

Today I am going to be going through my full hair care routine from showered hair.

So firstly I go in the shower and wash my hair using the L’occitaine Restoring Shampoo. This leaves your hair silky smooth but does give my hair some body as well. I do not use conditioner anymore as I just think it weighs my hair down and my hair feels soft without it.


Next I get out of the shower and towel dry my hair as much as I can. I brush out my hair and then apply my mousse. I use the L’Oreal Play Ball Mousse, which is one of my favourite products to use.



Then I apply a heat protection spray. I use the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray.


Occasionally if I am having quite frizzy hair, I will apply the Aveda Be Curly style cream. This makes your hair nice and frizz free and leaves a lovely shine. This product is particularly good when I am going to curl my hair or leave it to go naturally curly.


The final steps are just blow drying and straightening or curling my hair. The hairdryer I use is the ETI Turbodryer 2000 which I love. I then use my GHD’s to straighten my hair or the Tresemme Keratin Smooth curling wand.

124_Image_2_HeroThis is the end of my hair care routine. I hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know what products you recommend!

Yours Truly,


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