✌ What I got for my 19th Birthday! ✌

Hey everyone!

 So my Birthday was on Monday and I thought seeings I love seeing what people get for their Birthdays that I would share what I got. This is not bragging and I really appreciate everything I received.

The first I got was a twist up cream blush from Autograph which a really nice corally colour from a family friend.


The next thing was a gift from my parents. I got the Zoeva Rose eye shadow brush set which was in my Spring palette wishlist that I posted not long ago. They are so pretty and really nice quality.


All brushes have their names listed so if you are interested in one you can purchase them individually.

Another gift I got was from my boyfriend. He got me a heart necklace from Thomas Sabo which is so pretty and definitely my taste.


Then I also got a candle holder and some tea lights from my boyfriends parents, which was really nice of them and again is definitely my taste as I love candles.


The final thing I got was from my best friend. She bought me a ring, which I have been wanting from Pandora ever since I got the Tiara rose gold one for Christmas. It is the Hearts of Pandora and it is so pretty.


I hope you enjoyed this post and I am very grateful to everyone that got me a present and wished me happy birthday!

Yours Truly


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3 Comments Add yours

  1. quinncove says:

    What great gifts, happy belated birthday!!


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